LA Clippers Star Norman Powell Harassed By White Woman On Video

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman was seen on video harassing LA Clippers star Norman Powell in a strange video clip taken by the athlete who live-streamed the whole interaction on social media.

The encounter apparently began after the unidentified woman entered a local gym in Las Vegas where the 28-year-old former UCLA star was working out. The woman first rushed through the door of the gym and said she needed help because she'd gotten into a fight.

"She came here the first time and was saying she got into a fight," Powell said in the live stream video, captured by TMZ. "We told her to leave out the back. She left, she was gone 15, 20 minutes, came back, staying in the gym calling us un-American, saying we need to go back, calling us p***y, a whole bunch of s––t," Powell said in the video.

Powell and others at the gym with him warned the woman that the police were being called, but she didn't believe them. Eventually, multiple officers showed up and placed her in handcuffs. It's unclear if they arrested the woman and on what charges.

"That is crazy to me man, that sh–t not funny man," the NBA player said.

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