TLC's Chilli Faces Colorism Accusations Following 'Caramel' Comment

Photo: Getty Images

TLC's Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is facing colorism accusations after she made a comment about being "Caramel" on social media.

The accusations stem from a video Chilli shared on Instagram of her and her boyfriend, Matthew Lawrence, dancing. One fan commented under the video: “OK Matthew! He got some chocolate now he got some moves!! I approve!!"

Chilli appeared to take issue with being called "chocolate," responding back to the fan "caramel" with a winking emoji.

Social media users accused Chilli of colorism as she appeared to try to disassociate herself from the "chocolate" label and instead wanted to be perceived as having a lighter skin tone.

“Your skin is brown Chili. You do in fact [qualify] as ‘chocolate.’ Left-Eye qualified as ‘caramel’. Love yourself!” one social media user said.

“You wanna be lightskin so bad… sis you’re brown skin like chocolate, its okay,” another user chimed.

“Colorism got everybody in a chokehold. It’s tiring at this point," a third Instagram user wrote.

Amid the backlash, Chilli responded to one fan's comment that read “It’s almost like she didn’t like being called chocolate, but she is chocolate and chocolate is beautiful. Never be ashamed of that.”

“Chocolate is beautiful also,” Chilli said. “Never said it wasn’t. But without a tan, I’m caramel. What’s the harm in being truthful? Good grief.”

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