Neighbor Hung Noose In Front Of Home To Intimidate Black Children, Mom Says

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas mom is seeking justice after she said her neighbor hung a noose in front of her house to intimidate her two Black sons, per KHOU 11.

Kat Ducommun said her neighbor in Manvel has been racially harassing her family for several months.

The neighbor allegedly hung a noose in his yard, directly in front of her home. Ducommun told the Manvel City Council that the neighbor said he had something for her little boy while pointing to the noose.

"Told your officers and nothing happened. I’m sorry I’m getting emotional but I’m a mom just trying to do this for my kids," Ducommun said during a city council meeting.

After reporting the incident to Manvel police, Ducommun said she was told that authorities couldn't do anything about it because hanging the noose was a form of freedom of speech.

The mom also alleged that her neighbor has sent his dog to chase after her son. Almost every night, the same neighbor shines bright lights at her home.

“The fact that our house looks like Christmas every night. The light is shining through our windows. The officers tell us, ‘Well, just get blackout curtains,'” Ducommun said.

Manvel Police Chief Keith Traylor said they're investigating allegations of racism and racial threats.

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